Monday, December 28, 2009

The darkness of reality

Wawan: Hoped some would understand...

The darkness of reality

We live in a world we live in

In chaos, fear and the realm of tremor

Humanity vanishes as in a sandglass

Slow, flows but with mighty haste

War and kill are some friendly words

It will never halt, the great massacre,

The chaos, horror and the pain in shame

Once again humanity’s being tested

The nature fly, the air dies

And even the dark cries.

We paid no heed and no head at all

Even the land and the nature shows signs

To stop us from our feats and our menace

They impaled us, the ground we stepped in

They volleyed us with torrents we swept in

Fusillade us accompanied by great gales

We realised that we’re now being forayed

But our pride is too might, none can fight

None can pierce through our cageless hearts

It is our black heart that is taunting us.

We’re being thrust and enticed by greed

Carved our way through gold and glory

Barraged our way to so-called triumph

Even we knew that the victory cause us dear

We’re still proud when hearing our great salvoes

Of laughs and giggles which soon petrifies us

With great fear and regrets of our wrongdoings

Bombarded and stampeded by our own actions

But then, it was already too late, curtain rises

Dawns light breaking, the end already begins.

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