Monday, December 28, 2009

The darkness of reality

Wawan: Hoped some would understand...

The darkness of reality

We live in a world we live in

In chaos, fear and the realm of tremor

Humanity vanishes as in a sandglass

Slow, flows but with mighty haste

War and kill are some friendly words

It will never halt, the great massacre,

The chaos, horror and the pain in shame

Once again humanity’s being tested

The nature fly, the air dies

And even the dark cries.

We paid no heed and no head at all

Even the land and the nature shows signs

To stop us from our feats and our menace

They impaled us, the ground we stepped in

They volleyed us with torrents we swept in

Fusillade us accompanied by great gales

We realised that we’re now being forayed

But our pride is too might, none can fight

None can pierce through our cageless hearts

It is our black heart that is taunting us.

We’re being thrust and enticed by greed

Carved our way through gold and glory

Barraged our way to so-called triumph

Even we knew that the victory cause us dear

We’re still proud when hearing our great salvoes

Of laughs and giggles which soon petrifies us

With great fear and regrets of our wrongdoings

Bombarded and stampeded by our own actions

But then, it was already too late, curtain rises

Dawns light breaking, the end already begins.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Black and White

Wawan: I made this when I recalls my past..

Black and White

Black symbolize my life before

As I was left alone in the rain

With a black rose from which I came

Lying cold with the munificent claim

With pain of which I gain.

Dark was my world

I beg that you left me alone,

With my pain, I’m not insane

Sunlight please touch me

So I can crawl from the brawl.

Then a sip of light passes through the wall

When I thought, I would surely fall

That I could not understand at all

But I hang to the impenetrable wall

That’s when the wall cracked and fall.

Now I hang to the White light

That shows me to the right flight

Even it glows in the dark of night

That’s when I knew that I now right.

p/s: Please highlight the title to see what it is all about.

Sunday, May 31, 2009

I Wonder

Wawan: This I made for leisure..

I Wonder

I wonder if dreams are made up of clouds,

Because it’s so far away from me that it shrouds,

I wonder if hopes are made from water,

Because it’s too deep and it’s making me falter.

I wonder if friends are made from glass,

Because it shatters by knuckles made of brass,

I wonder if boredom are made from glue,

Because it just won’t get away from you.

I wonder if men are from Mars,

Because we are not meant to bear such scars,

I wonder if women are from Venus,

Because they are good with plus and minus.

I wonder

I wonder

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Memories at Serau village

Wawan: I wrote this when I'm back at Kelantan (which is my home)

Memories at Serau village

I remember my time at Serau village,
Every second there was a privilege,
It was indeed better than expected,
Since this everyone does not expected.

The air were fresh and clean,
I felt like it cleanse even my spleen,
The house that I stay there is cold shiver,
It is not just because it’s near the river.

As I went to venture with a motorcycle,
I also look closely at the nature’s cycle,
As I was amazed of the beauty of nature,
I am glad this experiences I capture.

Lots of things I did happily there,
Playing traditional “gasing” here and there,
Lame and easy fishing in a pond,
Easy to catch as if I was using a wand.

Three days of being there was over,
It is time for me to return to my real home,
My feeling torn between like a clover,
It is sad considering I also consider Serau,
As a home.

P/s: Thank you all the people at Serau village. You all will be a memory that I would not forget my entire life. Thank you.

A well-ended night

Wawan: I wrote this just after getting back to the hostel after the farewell dinner..

A well-ended night

Tonight there was a farewell dinner,
Where all students were there but whiners,
Told to wear clothes of strips and flowers,
Well there is no need for all to be cowers.

And as I enter the hall,
I lean slowly against the wall,
I can clearly see that the place is nice,
Although it is not what my friends would realize.

There is no need to be heist,
As the food are distributed by the wise,
Ignoring this and you may pay the price,
Wait and see what in the future lies.

The dolls in the hall were wearing nice,
Black stripes although yellow nor green were not suffice,
Flowery grows in the buds of shirts,
Oh if you’re not within the theme then it’ll hurt.

Flashy light kept blinking my vision,
It is indeed a well-guess intuition,
That everyone in the hall was happy,
It does not matter if you think you’re crappy.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

The Time

Wawan: I wrote this as a result of boredom for not getting answers in my literature final exam..

The Time

Time passes by,
When stakes are high,
Cold hall bright with light,
Find the answers I do not might.

This poem I write while in the test,
When this test I thought is a mess,
Boy I hope this time will pass,
Because surely I could not see the grass.

Is the grass greener at the other side?
Or it is just a saying that is not right.
I’m looking for a future that can shone bright,
Boy what a surprise if I’m just right.

I will just fly where the wind take me,
Maybe it’s the best choice that I can see,
It is better than just lying down at night,
With darkness descends before I can even fight.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Darkness Decends

Wawan: At this time, it was a torrential rain.....

Darkness decends

A storm is approaching,

Who knows when the darkness come crawling,

As I see the trees are waving,

When I hear the keys goes clanking.

Rain will soon pelt upon us,

Run away from it we all must,

When the torrential rain will fall,

That is when disappeared we shall.

Darkness will come to bind us,

Being prepared for it we all must,

Remember my words my dear friends,

It is all up to your hands.

Run away before the darkness binds you,

Run away before the darkness finds you,

Darkness shall come,

Darkness shall come.